main package

The latest version (v2.0.0) can be downloaded from here.

Users can download the cutting edge version from GitHub by git clone

example files

Several example files are provided below to help users test the software:

  1. The alignment index file (-index): BowtieIndex files (Homo_sapiens, hg19 version)can be downloaded from
  2. The genome annotation file (-gtf): gtf file
  3. The genome sequence file (-fasta): fasta file
  4. Input file -- The unmapped SAM format file (rar file): unmapped sam file
  5. Input file -- The accepted BAM format file (rar file): accepted bam file
  6. Output file -- The reported circRNA list : circRNA list file

Note that the above first 3 files are from Homo_sapiens genome (hg19 version), other species genome files can be downloaded from